October, 2001

Do’s and Don’ts for Coating Tennis Courts


  • Do add the sand to the acrylic material prior to introducing the water. However, a small amount of water may be needed to adjust the viscosity to reduce the workload of the mixing equipment.
  • Do use a soft (flexible) rubber squeegee blade when applying textured color coating. A still rubber blade should be used when fill coating, however.
    Do add material to the wind-row by pouring directly onto the existing material.
  • Do follow adding to the wind-row with the squeegee as soon as possible.
  • Do mix (stir) material just prior to using to keep sand in suspension.
  • Do keep the wind-row in the lower half of the squeegee during application- that is the half closest to the applicator.
  • Do wash all tools, squeegee blades and brooms as soon as possible. A wire brush is ideal for cleaning equipment.
  • Do apply the coatings in a straight line. Eliminate circular motions even in restricted spaces such as between courts and/or behind baselines.
  • Do apply the final coat parallel to the net line (particularly in the play area).
  • Do measure mix ratios accurately.
  • Do use textured line paint for tennis courts.
  • Do apply the line paint with a paint brush and to prevent brush marks the last stroke of the brush should be towards the wet film.


  • Don’t apply coatings unless the temperature is 50ºF and rising.
  • Don’t apply coatings if the surface has been exposed to freezing temperatures the night before; i.e., allow the surface to rise to 50ºF.
  • Don’t apply material if surface temperature is above 140ºF.
  • Don’t apply subsequent coat until previous coat is completely dry. The interval between coats is related to the drying conditions. Heat and low humidity accelerate drying. Applying acrylic coatings during dark hours is NOT recommended.
  • Don’t apply acrylic coatings if the surface is wet.
  • Don’t permit excessive material to remain in low spots on the final coat; otherwise these areas will mud crack and shine.
  • Don’t pull material more than 60 feet.
  • Don’t broom finish any coat containing sand.
  • Don’t cut masking tape in such a way that it will cut into the surface.
  • Don’t play on court surface for at least 24 hours after completion