Acrylotex Sport Surfaces

Advanced Basketball and Sport surface systems for indoor and outdoor athletic facilities

Acrylotex is a high performance basketball court and sport surface system made for both indoor and outdoor use.  Incorporating years of sports surface manufacturing and field experience with the most recent advancements in material technology to ensure a safe and comfortable surface, Acrylotex is ideal for both competitive basketball and multi-sport courts as well as outdoor courts.

Acrylotex’s textured surface designs deliver unparalleled grip performance in game play, allowing greater control and safety when jumping and turning in close proximity.


Acrylotex Sport surfaces are ideal for basketball, badminton, volleyball, and netball courts as well as for inline hockey, skate parks, play areas and multi-sport recreational areas.  Three distinct textures allow the owner and athlete to select the surface system that best matches their need for traction and abrasion resistance:

ACRYLOTEX LA – Standard texture court surface

Basketball requires excellent slip resistance and durability in high traffic areas.  The finer texture provides great surface traction for superior control and pliability. System components include:

  • Standard Surface preparations
  • Acrylotex MA – to provide a uniform underlayment and application
  • Acrylotex LA – a highly pigmented, UV resistant coating incorporated with a fine textured finish.

Ideal for both indoors or outdoors court surfaces.

ACRYLOTEX MA – Course texture court surface

Some sports played outdoors such as netball benefit from a more textured surface to provide improved traction and playability in damp conditions.  An economic sports surface ideal for outdoor recreation applications.
System components include:

  • Standard Surface preparations
  • Acrylotex MA – a highly pigmented, UV resistant coating incorporated with a course textured finish

ACRYLOTEX SS – Smooth texture court surface

Sports such as volleyball prefer a smoother court surface finish that has minimal abrasion.  The finish texture of Acrylotex SS is appropriate for indoor sport facilities and facilities that control use in damp conditions.
System components include:

  • Standard Surface preparations
  • Acrylotex LA – a pigmented, UV resistant coating incorporated with a fine textured finish.
  • Plexiflor – a reinforced, smooth acrylic coating especially formulated for use over asphalt or concrete.

ACRYLOTEX PB – Court surface for PickleBall

Acrylotex-PB is suitable for interior or exterior applications. This specially formulated acrylic system offers a playing surface that is extremely versatile, durable and slip resistant.
The Acrylotex-PB surface is manufactured to meet the rigorous requirements of municipalities, schools, and recreational facilities. This environmentally friendly, all-weather recreational sport surface is designed to protect
the asphalt or concrete base while, reducing oxidation and resisting fading caused by UV exposure. When compared to polyurethane, hardwood, or interlocking tile systems, Acrylotex-PB is
the economic alternative that will remain in top playing condition for years. It requires minimal maintenance while providing a long-lasting responsiveness to all styles of play.

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Acrylotex uniquely combines Plexipave System products to achieve the longevity and playability required for indoor and outdoor athletic facilities.  Acrylotex formulations have been used for over twenty years by a wide variety of owners on both asphalt and concrete.  Dependable performance has made Acrylotex the industry standard.


Acrylotex provides players and owners the best options to decide traction and abrasion combinations.  Smooth surfaces are ideal for volleyball, inline skating and indoor facilities.  Courser textures for favor damp play conditions and where extra athletic surface grip is desired.


Color intense Acrylotex is available in twelve popular colors.  Excellent ultraviolet light stability keeps your surface bright for years of play.  Custom colors are available upon request.