Component Products

● Court Patch Binder

A California Products innovation!  New or existing aphalt or concrete surfaces can be easily patched and levelled with this high-strength acrylic latex bonding liquid.  Patches of this material can measure as much as 3/4″ (1.9cm) in depth and still not shrink or crack as they dry.  Additionally, Court Patch Binder is fast drying and setting.

● Concrete Preparer

This formulation prepares previously uncoated Portland Cement concrete for coating with the Plexipave Surfacing System.  Concrete Preparer is a chemically modified etchant for concrete pretreatment which requires no afterwash.

● Acrylic Resurfacer

A reliable, fast-drying underlayment for the Plexipave system.  It’s excellent adhesion, filling properties and durability make it the best choice for preparation of new asphalt or concrete and for older surfaces.

● TI-Coat Concrete Primer 

This clear two-component epoxy primer is a concrete penetrant which is an excellent bonding agent for use on new or uncoated concrete prior to the application of the Plexipave Surfacing System.

● Plexibond Coating

A lightly pigmented 100% acrylic emulsion used as a primer on existing surfaces to promote adhesion or as a bonding agent for the adhesion of fiberglass membranes to asphalt tennis courts.

● Plexicushion Base Coat

A resilient, asbestos-free latex undercoating to compliment the performance of the Plexicushion System. Manufactured with EPDM rubber particles, Plexicushion Base Coat is designed to give the Plexicushion System a softer underlayment and retain extraordinary resiliency properties throughout the life of the court. Plexicushion Base Coat may be applied on both indoor and outdoor asphalt and concrete. Applications over outdoor concrete require that a proper vapor barrier has been installed under the slab and appropriate perimeter drainage is in place.

● Plexichrome

Plexichrome is a highly pigmented acrylic coating used in comination with Plexipave Color Base or approved silica sand to provide a uniformly textured surface.  Available in 10 standard colors or custom colors upon request.

● Plexipave Color Base

Plexipave Color Base is a neutral textured base used for mixing with Plexichrome and water to produce Fortified Plexipave. Using specially designed silica sands, Plexipave Color Base allows specifiers and players the capability to select the desired speed-of-play.  Available in three speeds-of-play:  Plexipave Standard, H.U. and IW.

● Plexicolor Line Paint

A pure acrylic non-glare markeing paint, it is used on tennis as well as other net ball courts, athletic runing tracks and asphalt curbing.  It is durable, “non-alligatoring” formulation available in variety of colors in both textured and non-textured form.  Available in 7 standard colors or custom colors upon request.

● Plexicushion

A resiliant latex substrate of select rubber, plastic and inert fillers.  Plexicushion controls the density and resilience of the Plexicushion system prior to application of the Pexipave finish.

● Other Components

The Plexipave System has a wide variety of engineered products designed to give our Authorized Applicators the best materials to solve unique job site problems.  Additional products include Crack Filler, Plexipatch, Plexicushion Patch Compound, Plexichrome PG, Plexipave Grand Prix and Line Rite.