The Plexipave Surface Colorizers

 Court Surface Colors

The court color masters at Plexipave collaborate with owners, governing bodies, event organizers and broadcasters to balance visibility, aesthetics and surface temperature when choosing court surface colors and backgrounds.

While there are typically no right or wrong colors to use on a court surface, certain colors clearly perform better than other in the game.  Ideally, a player wants to have optimal visibility for his or her game.  In court sports this is achieved by having the best possible contrast between the ball and the surface.  In recreational surfaces it is achieved by a sharp contrast between specified markings and the recommended or required surface colors.  Additional technical considerations include playability and durability, both of which are effected by color choice.

Court aesthetics are also becoming a dominating criteria for court color selection because colors can be used very effectively to build and reinforce facility identity at tournaments and events.

*Note that colors viewed on screen will vary slightly from actual product in container.