Tennis Court Maintenance

Plexipave and Plexicushion court surfaces are very low maintenance.  The long-lasting acrylic finish requires minimal attention to maintain excellent and consistent play characteristics.

Keep court free of foreign matter

Things such as dirt and leaves can lead to premature deterioration of the surface.

Beware of water

After cleaning your court, take care to dry the surface thoroughly before playing. Also, do not over-irrigate around court edges. Check for birdbaths and low spots on outdoor courts. Too much time between cleaning can result in stains and water marks

Clean your court frequently

Clean your court monthly. Courts should be kept clean of all foreign matter – sand, pebbles, leaves, dirt, debris, moss, mold and mildew. Use a power blower or rinse the surface of debris not washed away by rainfall. If mold or mildew develops in shady areas, clean with a diluted household bleach mixture (two parts water, one part bleach). Be sure to rinse area thoroughly after cleaning. For indoor courts, clean run-off from roofs and overhangs as quickly as possible.

Use the right equipment

A soft nylon or hair-type push broom can be used for sweeping and scrubbing. Beware that scrubbing too hard can damage surface. Connect a water broom to a standard garden hose (70 p.s.i. max.) for hard to clean areas.


  • Do not drive maintenance equipment onto the court without protecting the surface.
  • Place pads under equipment or chairs with sharp edges to avoid surface damage.
  • Require non-marking soles on athletic footwear.
  • Do not drag heavy objects across the surface.