Plexicushion Tennis Court Surface Products

A Grand Slam Surface – The Official Surface Supplier of the Australian Open

The Plexicushion System combines the consistent bounce, sure footing, and outstanding durability of Plexipave with the innovative shock-absorbing properties of EPDM Rubber cushioning. The result is a sure-footed surface that dynamically responds to body impact and reduces fatigue on player’s legs ankles and feet. The multi-layered resiliency lengthens the orthopedic life of players of all ages, from juniors who are just starting to play competitively, to seniors who are enjoying the game in their golden years.

  • Increases Health and Longevity for Players of All Ages
  • Adjustable Level of Cushioning
  • Leading UV Formulation Protects Pigmentation Against Color Fading
  • Can be Customized to All ITF Pace Ratings

The Plexicushion substrate, a special blend of latex, rubber and plastic particles, forms a resilient layer that absorbs body shock and reduces muscle fatigue. The 100% acrylic Plexipave Surface provides consistent and uniform bounce, long lasting color, and allows speed of play specification.

Plexipave Sport Surfacing Systems use recycled and post-industrial components in each of the formulations. This manufacturing choice minimizes the exploitation of petroleum and wood resources. The Plexicushion Prestige System (liquid) contains 16.5% of post-industrial or recycled products.

 Plexicushion – Prestige –


  • Our Grand Slam Tennis surface! – Plexipave is the Official Surface Supplier for this prestigious event.
  • The original and still undisputed champion of cushioned tennis surfacing systems.
  • The sub-surfacing system is comprised of SBR and EPDM rubber granules, compressed plastic particles and special mineral fibers bound by special water based polymers.


 Plexicushion – Competition


  • New cushioned surface system combines the force reduction of the successful Plexitrac® System with the consistency of Plexicushion.
  • Thicker layer of cushioning contains specifically-gradated rubber granules with our proven polyresin binder technology.
  • The ideal seamless surface for indoor and warm-weather climates.


 Plexicushion – 2000


  • The first cushioned acrylic tennis court system specifically designed for application to slightly cracked or deteriorated concrete or asphalt bases.
  • The unique slip-sheet “release coating” allows for a perfect and stable finished surface that is unaffected by base shifting.


 Plexicushion –Tournament



Identical design to the industry-leading Prestige system, affordably constructed by removing one layer of Base Coat.