Selecting a Tennis Court Surface

Hard Court vs. Clay Court

Facility Considerations

  • No daily water usage
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Not affected by freezing weather
  • Courts available for use in early spring conditions
  • No annual “top dressing” and line marketing

Player Considerations

  • Controlled Footing
  • Speed of Play can be accurately predicted to mee ITF certification
  • Great for servers because the courts speeds can be adjusted and that makes serves more effective

Style of Play

Do you prefer a base line game?  …or a serve & volley style?
The PLEXIPAVE SYSTEM offers 3 distinct tennis court surface speed-of-play options that can match up with your playing style:

  • Plexipave Standard – a medium pace that suits the broadest range of play styles – from effective serve and volley to power baseline.
  • Plexipave HU – a slightly slower pace with a moderately higher bounce that encourages more baseline play.
  • Plexipave IW – the slowest of the speed-of-play options.  Favored with tennis courts installed in low-humidity and higher altitude locations to control speed-of-play.

Player Comfort

The PLEXICUSHION SYSTEM offers shock-absortion properties that allow extended training and longer matches without the next day soreness associated with asphalt and concrete tennis courts.  The 3 levels of Plexicushion allows players to select a tennis court surface based on desired comfort level and available budget.

Level of Competition

All Plexipave Systems are classified by the world govening body of tennis -the International Tennis Federation.  Plexipave Systems are used for courts surfaces at NCAA Championships, National Federation Competitions, WTA Tour events, ATP Tour events and the Australian Open.  .  Whether a multi-court tournament facility or a residential court, Plexipave is the industry-recognized tennis court surface leader.

Consistency From Court-to-Court & Site-to-Site

Plexipave System products are manufactured under a rigerous quality control program.  When installed by an Authorized Applicator, the owner and players can be assured on duplicating play conditions on the site or replicate those used elsewhere.


Plexipave System products are designed to meet the demands of intense play and to withstand the extremes of weather.  Plexipave formulas withstand the intense UV condidtions of Australia, the wet and damp of Seattle and the cold of New England.  The recoat cycle of 5-7 years allows owners to enjoy the most economical sport surface