Plexipave is the world’s largest manufacturer of acrylic sports surfacing systems.  The components of the Plexipave System provide the full range of products that make a Grand Slam quality surface.

Plexipave Sport Surfacing Systems are 100% premium acrylic all-weather surfaces suitable for indoor or outdoor application. They are ideal for tennis courtsathletic tracksbasketball courts, netball courts and other multipurpose sports surfaces.

Plexipave surfaces are available in a full range of standard and custom colors and textures perfect for sport and pedestrian applications.  Minimal maintenance costs make it very economical and our surfaces are environmentally preferable to chemically aggressive urethane-based solutions.

Plexipave Sport Surfacing Systems is a division of ICP Construction, Inc., an acknowledged leader in the manufacture of quality paints and coatings since 1926.  Headquartered in Andover, Massachusetts, USA, ICP Construction, Inc. began manufacturing Plexipave in 1953 and is now the oldest and largest manufacturer of acrylic tennis court surfaces in the world.

Plexipave Regional Managers are committed to the success of your project and provide technical services to architects, engineers, club owners, tennis professionals and players alike. Our chemists and technicians are well known for their innovations and problem solving expertise and can assist or direct owners on construction questions. The Plexipave Customer Service Team provide personalized attention and support to our entire worldwide network of Authorized Applicators.

PLEXIPAVE® Sport Surface Color Finish System

The 100% acrylic Plexipave tennis court surface for asphalt and concrete provides consistent and uniform bounce, long-lasting color, and allows speed of play specification.  Court Pace Ratings are in accordance with ITF classifications.

PLEXICUSHION® Resilient Cushioned Tennis Court System

The world-renowned Plexicushion product line is the original, and still undisputed, champion of cushioned tennis surfacing systems. It provides the consistent bounce, sure footing and outstanding durability of Plexipave with the innovative shock-absorbing properties of EPDM rubber cushioning that reduces player muscle fatigue.  Plexicushion Prestige has been the Surface of the Australian Open since 2008.

PLEXITRAC® Track Surfacing Systems

Plexitrac running track surfacing systems embody today’s most innovative technological advances.  Plexitrac systems outperform many solvent-based urethane systems providing athletes with greater force reduction while minimizing environmental impact concerns during installation.  Plexitrac running track systems are IAAF certified.

PLEXICOURT® Reinforced Acrylic Outdoor Sport Surface

Plexicourt is an all-weather, reinforced coating system specifically formulated for use over asphalt and concrete surfaces creating an affordable, easily maintained sport surface. The textured yet non-abrasive surface is ideal for basketball courts, in-line hockey, volleyball courts, skate parks, play areas, and multi-sport recreational areas.  Plexicourt provides a uniform surface to help promote safe footing and optimum athletic performance.

PLEXIFLOR® Reinforced Acrylic Indoor Sport Surface

Plexiflor is an all-weather, reinforced acrylic coating specifically formulated for use over asphalt and concrete surfaces creating an affordable, easily maintained sport surface. The textured yet non-abrasive surface is ideal for basketball courtsin-line hockeyvolleyball courtsskate parksplay areas, and multi-sport recreational areas.

ACRYLOTEX Decorative Pavement Coating

Acrylotex decorative pavement coatings are perfect for adding color and texture to walkwaysbike and jogging paths,courtyardscross-walks and parking areas. Acrylotex is perfect for areas where a safe, fast drying, slip free surface is needed.  It is economical to maintain and colors are resistant to UV light, reducing the need for continual costly resurfacing.