Plexipave and the Environment

Our Mission

Our planet is a sacred place that commands respect and deserves the utmost care and preservation. As sensitive global citizens and environmental stewards, ICP Construction, Inc., the manufacturers of Plexipave products, realizes this responsibility and continuously strives to minimize environmental impact throughout every stage of the product life-cycle.

Strategic Location Design

All ICP Construction, Inc. products are produced in a state of the art, manufacturing plant based in Andover, MA, USA. The entire facility was designed with protecting the environment as a top priority. The plant is innovatively self-contained, eliminating all possibility of environmental contamination in unlikely event of an accidental spill. This cutting-edge manufacturing site is also equipped with an indoor bulk liquids offloading area with containment capability that is double the volume of any delivering tanker.

Responsible Manufacturing

ICP Construction, Inc. is dedicated to preserving the environment through its commitment to eliminating and reducing waste at every possible stage in operations. Mostly all ICP Construction products are manufactured onsite where the entire process is regulated by employees who have undergone rigorous training in all environmental issues pertaining to the manufacturing, storing, and shipping of all products. All waste water and solvents used in manufacturing are recycled and reused. All crushed cans are recycled by steel producers. Plexipave color cards and product brochures are also printed on 100% recycled paper and available for online viewing.

Our Environmental Commitment

Preserving our environment must be a continuous process. ICP Construction, Inc. ensures future care for the environment through a stringent policy of environmental responsibility. This policy is executed by all employees and is constantly reviewed and updated whenever necessary and is always in accordance with local, state and federal agencies.