Plexitrac Maintenance Guidelines

The following list of suggestions are guidelines that should be considered by the owners of all-weather running track surfaces for the proper preservation of their investment:

  1. Spike use should be kept to a minimum of 1/8” pyramid spikes. Pin spikes or larger spikes could prematurely wear the surface, especially in starting, dash, and field event areas.
  2. Public walkers and joggers should use the outer lanes. Lanes 1 and 2 are the most commonly run in areas and will wear significantly faster if jogging traffic is not diverted.
  3. Where cheerleaders and teams congregate along the track, protective matting should be considered to avoid abnormal wear.
  4. Absolutely NO pets, skateboarding, rollerblading or bikes shall be permitted at any time.
  5. At least twice per year, the track should be cleaned of loose dirt and debris. Removal of loose debris will minimize the unnecessary abrasion caused by dirt and sand. Most maintenance departments have walk-behind blowers.
  6. Protective matting should be used at high traffic crossing areas and near gates and for athletes using the infield.
  7. It is recommended that many of the “Do’s and Don’ts” be posted publicly. (i.e. joggers use of the outer lanes, spike use, no bikes, etc…)
  8. Care should be taken using lawnmowers, golf carts and other similar machines. Lawnmower blades can cut the surface and the turning of wheels can also cause significant damage.
  9. Follow a regular maintenance cycle to preserve the life of the surface, including a depth measurement every year after the track is at least three years old. Check with your surfacing contractor for an idea of the best procedures for renovation as well as estimates for budgetary purposes.
  10. Do not allow fertilizer or grass seed to be spread on the track surface.
  11. Adjust the sprinkler system to minimize water “ponding” on the surface.
  12. Evaluate track surface every spring for loose areas or delaminations. Contact the installer for guidance or materials on repairs to be done during summer weather conditions.
  13. Keep a written record of repairs and inspections.
  14. General Suggestions:• Re-stripe every 3-5 years• Recoat every 5-7 years • Additional depth every 10-15 years.