Plexitrac Track Surface Products

The Plexitrac System provides runners and owners with the track surface characteristics required for an optimum level of athletic performance.  Plexitrac Systems are manufactured and installed using environmentally responsible materials and procedures.  The non-solvent based Polyresin technology developed by California Products addresses the areas of most concern for owners and athletes:

  • Value
  • Maintainability
  • Affordability
  • Environmental Safety
  • IAAF certifiable
  • Warranty through Authorized Applicators

Plexitrac – Accelerator



Plexitrac Accelerator offers the highest levels of performance for texture, longevity and athletic capability. Accelerator is an EPDM surface top coated with the Polyresin Plexitrac Coating, ensuring uniformity and years of UV light stable color.

  • Highly textured- provides optimum traction and color intensity.
  • Meets force reduction and deformation requirements of the IAAF
  • Low maintenance costs



Plexitrac – Lightning


Plexitrac Lightning is comprised of select black SBR rubber granules bound together with a black pigmented Plexitrac Binder. Lightening is then top coated with a highly pigmented black finish coat of either Plexitrac Coating or Surfacer for additional long term UV light stability and abrasion resistance.  Plexitrac Lightening can be updated to Plexitrac Accelerator at scheduled maintenance cycle.



Plexitrac – Surfacer


Plexitrac Surfacer is a Polyresin topcoat and retexturizing finish for existing latex and urethane track surfaces.  Plexitrac Surfacer is perfect for revitalizing your worn running track surface.  The highly pigmented composition is filled with EPDM rubber granule for texture and filling of an existing track surface.