Selecting a Running Track Surface

Level of Competition

Plexitrac running track surface systems are ideal for all levels of competition.  They provide shock absorption and deformation properties that are in full compliance with IAAF standards.

The Plexitrac XP running track surface system provides full IAAF compliance.

Climatic Considerations

Plexitrac Lightning is a black surface that can enhance the availability of the track in colder climates in the early spring due to snow melt.  The warmer, black surface facilitates snow melt effectively extending track availability.

Plexitrac Flash and Accelerator come in a variety of colors.  Red, Blue and Green are the most popular running track surface colors.  These colors are cooler in hot climates.

Ease of Maintenance and Track Surface Longevity

The normal maintenance cycle on your track surface will depend on the thickness of the surface (number of applications), weather conditions, amount of use and the upkeep of the surface. With proper care*, your track surface should function for 5-7 years before additional applications of rubber and latex will be required.

* For additional information please see the Plexitrac Maintenance Guidelines page.